When Love Dies

The Ways of the Heart Are Mysterious:
Olushola, Similoluwa

When Love Dies

The Ways of the Heart Are Mysterious:
Olushola, Similoluwa

About the author.
Similoluwa Olushola
was born and raised in Nigeria. She is a prolific writer since her early childhood. She spent many years reading books from renowned authors and her favorite books were on romance, marriage, heaven, eternity, and general contemporary issues. In high school, she wrote a lot of stage drama and was a recipient of several awards, including Scriptwriter of the Year, Writer of the Year, Excellence Award, etc.

Simi held a column in a soft-sell magazine, “Sweetheart” and anchored a live teenage program Teens on Tube, on MITV in Lagos, Nigeria from1998-1999. The program won a national award.

Simi’s love for literature translated to the church, where she wrote scripts for drama and established drama units at various churches. She presently writes for Manna Magazine, published by her home church.

Simi is an accountant and a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria­(ICAN). After her relocation to the USA, she pursued a career in healthcare. She is the co­founder of TOOA Heritage Texas which is involved in charity and other philanthropic projects.

She is married to Kunle Olushola and both are blessed with four beautiful kids. In her spare time, Simi loves listening to worship music, singing hymns, watching movies with family, and reading. Simi can be reached at her personal email

About the book


Jilted and humiliated, Annabel, a high-flying attorney, vows never to love again …

Deprived of a mother’s love right from the womb, Marah thinks love is, at best, a mirage …

Stoic, professional, and highly disciplined, Michael considers himself too careful to be caught by the vagaries of love …

Until grace begins to create irreversible cracks that will affect their hearts in different ways.

You, too, will be affected by this gripping tale of uncommon love, uncommon hurt, and uncommon grace!

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